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We welcome Members from all who are descended from Lamonts or from any of the recognised septs of Clan Lamont and others who have a particular interest in the Lamont clan and who wish to be part of our global community.  

If you are thinking of joining us but have any queries about membership, please let us know



The subscription year runs from 1st March to the last day of February .  


The levels of subscription are decided at the AGM.

Family membership - two adults and one or two juniors all of the same family.

Adult membership                  £35   

Family membership                £60

Life membership                     £200

Just ask us 

If you are uncertain about anything and would like to know more before applying for membership, please don't

hesitate to ask. 

Changes of details

Members are asked to let us know when there are  any changes to their personal details such as a new name,  address, email address or phone number. 

Annual Family

(Two adults and one or two children under 12 of the same family)

Because you are proud of your  name, your family and your Clan.

Because you will be put in contact with many who bear the name of Lamont or one of its septs the world over.

Because, should you visit Scotland and especially Cowal  from where all Lamonts originate,  you will be warmly welcomed and helped get any available information about the former place of residence of your particular family.

Because you will be entitled to future issues of the Journal containing the result of research made by the Society into the history of your Clan and the wider history of Scotland and articles on contemporary Scotland.

Because, in turn, you will be able to share your own knowledge and experience of the part of the world where the Lamont diaspora took your family and of the ways in which you continue to celebrate the culture of the land of your ancestors. 

Because your subscription will enable the Society to continue its research and to preserve its home in Inverchaolain.

Because you wish to assist the charitable objectives of the Society.

Why join us?


When you submit your form you will see confirmation that  it has been sent. Then, please go to the Sales & Payments page to submit the appropriate subscription - the process is just the same as purchasing an item.

Annual Adult  £35
Life £200
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