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Clan Gatherings

It is a long time since clansmen were summoned by a fiery cross to fight for their chief.  Nowadays we send out electronic invitations to members to gather  for the more peaceful purposes of celebrating kinship, exploring the history of the Lamont Clan through people and places, sharing in  Scottish traditions, and enjoying aspects of Scottish culture. 

Book here for

  • one Adult and one Under 16*,; 

  • one Adult and two Under 16s;

  • two Adults  and one Under 16; or

  • two Adults and two Under 16s .  ​​

The Gathering will be held in Dunoon on Saturday 20  and Sunday 21 July 2024

2024 Gathering

This year's Gathering is a two-day event​ focusing on getting together to celebrate kinship and Scottish culture,  a more extensive Gathering being planned for 2025 in recognition of the 130th anniversary of the Society.

Book here for one or two Adults

If you wish to book for more than two Under 16s, please contact us

Inclusive cost for the weekend:

Adults.                            £75

Under 16                        £25

Saturday 20 July 

12.00 pm   Meet and Greet                          

                      Toward Church 


1230 pm    Light Lunch

                 Annual General Meeting

                     Toward Church


5.30 pm    Dinner    

                     Osbourne Hotel, Inellan

7.00 pm.   Ceilidh   

                      Village Hall,  Inellan

Sunday 21st July

1200 pm   Wreath laying ceremony        

                      Lamont Memorial, Dunoon

1.00 pm.    Visit to Toward Castle            

                      Toward Castle

2.00 pm     Afternoon tea                             

                      The Manse, Inverchaolain

4.00 pm    Farewells

                      Slán agus beannach

                      [Goodbye and blessings]


*Under 16 means aged less than 16 on the 20th July 2024

2025 Gathering

The Gathering will be held in Dunoon from  Friday 25 to Sunday 27 July 2025 in celebration of the

130th Anniversary of the Society

Programme to be announced 

Highlights of past Gatherings
 Ascog Castle
Visits to Historic Places
Toward Castle

Text needed.

Visited in 2023, the remains of Ascog Castle lie on the western edge of Loch Ascog.  It is a  pleasant walk away along a track off the road between Kames and  Portavadie. It was the second  of the Lamont  strongholds to fall to the Campbells in 1646.  It is such  a beautiful  and peaceful place, the treachery and slaughter seem all  the more dreadful.

Much less remains of Ascog Castle than of Toward

Not to be confused with the nearby Castle Toward, a 19th century Neo-Gothic building, Toward Castle was one of the two Lamont strongholds besieged and sacked by the Campbells in 1646  in a ferocious retaliation for a  previous Lamont ravaging of Campbell territory.  Although the terms of the Lamont's subsequent surrender of Ascog Castle granted them safe passage,  the Lamonts were murdered in an act of unpardonable treachery which became know as the Dunoon Massacre.

Visits to sites  of historical significance are a central feature of our Gatherings. Being in the very places where our ancestors lived, worked and all too often fought can take you beyond an academic interest in the past and into a more imaginative sense of connection with it.

Inverchaolain Church

The current Inverchaolain Church building dates from 1912 and is now the  fourth incarnation.  The church closed in 1990 and is now in private hands and is being renovated as a dwelling house.

 Luckily, the new owners were on site during our 2023 visit and so we were able to see the church still in its original state.  

Water driven organ

Kilmun Church

At the War Memorial in Inverchaolain kirkyard, remembering those fallen in conflicts over the years 

At the Lamont Memorial in Dunoon, commemorating the clansfolk massacred  in 1646.

The Inverhooley Ceilidh Band
Traditional  activities

A Dunoon based  band that gets  our feet tapping and entices us to take the floor for a country dance, the Inverhooley Ceilidh Band is the go-to group for ceilidhs, dances and concerts and the Cowal Gathering.  It entertained us at both our 2022 and 2023 Ceilidhs.

 You can listen to it here.

Photo by kind permission of the Inverhooley Ceilidh Band

Photo by kind permission of the Clanadonia Band

A pulsing, blood-stirring performance on pipes and drums, full of passion and  raw energy blew us away at the 2022 Ceilidh.  Clanadonia's music explodes out of  a tribal past and takes you over.  Seemingly savage and wild, it is played with disciplined precision .  

You can listen to it here.


Listen here to a waulking song  performed in an authentic setting at the  Auchindrain township,  a unique folk museum  near Inverary on Loch Fyne.

Singers from the former Greenock Gaelic choir performing a waulking song. at a Fair in Dunoon during our 2022 Gathering.  These very rhythmic songs accompanied  the part of the  the process of preparing tweed cloth when it was beaten on a hard surface by a group of women to soften and shrink it.

The point of the band's name will escape those who are not familiar with contemporary Scottish idiom or of the pronunciation of Inverchaolain, where our Society's home is located.  One of the meanings of hooley or  hoolie is a party,  not some polite sherry party  but  a particularly lively and noisy one with music and dancing.  When you know that Inverchaolain is pronounced 'Inver-hoolin', you'll  get the point. (And since you probably want to ask, the other meaning is an extremely high wind, as in It's blowin a hoolie out there.)

Come to a Gathering and there's no saying 

what you'll  learn!

Barbecue at the Manse 2023
Getting together 

A major feature of our Gatherings is  getting together, enjoying the company of old friends and making new ones, all of us connected by shared lines stretching back into the mists of time.  Whether on an outing to an historic place, at a formal dinner and ceilidh, enjoying home-made soup and sandwiches in Kilfinan village hall  or chilling out together in the tranquil surroundings of the Inverchaolain Manse, we connect in kinship in the places in which our common ancestors lived.

Garden Party at the Manse 2022
Visit to Toward Castle 2017
At a viewpoint near Tighnabruaich in 2022..... and the stunning view of the Kyles of Bute
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