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The global clan

There are over a million Scots living furth of Scotland.

Around 850,000 live elsewhere in the UK. 

Around 200.000 live outwith the UK  

If you add people with Scottish ancestry who still think of themselves as in some way Scottish, the size of the diaspora rises to more than 30 million, or even as high as 100 million, according to some.

2009 data from the Us Census Bureau showed more than 9 million Americans identified themselves as having Scottish or 'Scotch-Irish ancestry and in the 2011 Census, 4.7 million Canadians identified themselves as having Scottish ancestry.

How many ?

Statistics taken from The Scottish diaspora and Scottish Independence,  Migration Observatory, University of Oxford

How many are Lamonts or variations of Lamont?

Approximate numbers according to the website Forebears  which offers a great range of statistical data  []:

Lamont     27,093  Most prevalent in USA           Highest Density in Scotland

Lamond       5,115   Most prevalent in France.     Highest Density in France

Laumon          190   Most prevalent in France

Laumond    1,004  Most prevalent in France      Highest density in New Caledonia

Lamont            526  Most prevalent in France      Highest Density in France

Lamon           8,774 Most prevalent in USA           Highest Density in France

The list goes on with all manner of variations based on phonetic similarity but without, it seems, any evidence as to whether they actually bear any relationship to  Clan Lamont. It would be wise, therefore, not to count in the likes  of the 29 good folk of Papua New Guinea called Laumong without further enquiry into whether there is any genetic connection.

The website has a search function and so if you are interested in any of the associated names like Lamb, Lambie, White, Black and so on, it's easy.  Again, however, we have to be cautious about whether there is genetic connection.  Only a proportion of the 132,,645 Lambs will be connected to the Lamonts!

Lamont as a forename

Forebears notes approximately 21,005  instances worldwide of Lamont as a forename, predominantly in the USA but with the highest density in the Bermudas. It would be interesting to hear from anyone who knows the history of this usage of the name or its close variants.

The history of the diaspora 

There is an extensive and well referenced account of the Scottish diaspora here in Wikipedia

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Sections  on  and contributions from the Clan Lamont Societies of North America and Australia

The Dutch pipe band

The French connection

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